Amanda Craven Hypnotherapy

Amanda Craven Hypnotherapy

There are many reasons why some of us struggle to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Even though we consciously know how we should be eating, and how much exercise we should be getting, we appear to regularly sabotage our own efforts. The battle of wills becomes relentless and unbearable, and we give in...until the next time our guilt or worry pushes us to start yet another diet or health drive.

Conscious decisions, and the use of willpower, take place in the conscious part of our mind. This part makes up only 5% of our total mind. The subconscious mind, where our habits and behaviours are formed, makes up the remaining 95%.

By targeting the subconscious in hypnotherapy for weight loss, we can uncover the root cause of unwanted eating patterns and undesirable lifestyles, and gently re-create new, healthier habits that can last a lifetime.

As with all conditions the number of sessions needed does vary but in most cases 3 - 6 sessions enables clients to establish long-term healthy eating patterns.

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