Amanda Craven Hypnotherapy

"Amanda’s hypnotherapy sessions worked really well. Amanda was very understanding and soon put me at ease with her calming voice. Since my sessions and having Amanda's guidance I have made a massive improvement and things are looking good. Thank you very much!"

Sally, 22, Legal Secretary

"​Amanda used a holistic approach, removing possible barriers before addressing weight loss.This resulted in discovering a lack of self- worth /importance. I was encouraged to take some time for myself instead of always concentrating on others and knowing my own limitations, empowering me to say no sometimes, particularly in the work setting. These were issues I didn’t realise were a problem but have resulted in a vastly improved work-life balance and a much happier and relaxed outlook. All these things in addition to the weight loss!
Amanda is an incredibly talented and caring professional. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me."

Adele, York NHS Trust

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart and mind - we conquered my fear and anxiety. The day was magical - I felt like I was in a movie. Truly, thank you!"


Hypnotherapy in Scarborough - Client Testimonials

"Hi Amanda, I would just like to thank you, I listened to your mindful minutes & your voice is wonderful & so soothing which led me to listen to more meditations, which has helped me more than I can possibly tell you."


"My session with Amanda was full of positive surprises. I thought I would find it very difficult to 'open up'. I also had a set of expectations of 'how it should be'. Yet it was all SO different ... and so much better than what I thought it would be!  With Amanda's guidance I visited important forgotten memories that helped me tremendously in my healing process. I felt safe, elated and at the same time so peaceful afterwards... I will keep coming back as this was a very beneficial experience for me. An extraordinary and very gifted therapist!"

A. Oldham

"Amanda helped me deal with some childhood issues. 
She was professional and explained the process to put me at ease.
I had 4 sessions in all with her and felt immediate effects. I would highly recommend her to my friends."

Pauline, 49, Counsellor

Amanda Craven Hypnotherapy

I first contacted Amanda when I became increasingly stressed by my obsessive behaviour. We initially discussed what I would like to achieve from our sessions. We decided that I did not  need to completely change but needed to turn down the volume on my thoughts and find a better way to deal tasks. We did a lot of work together in the way of exploratory discussion before we attempted hypnotherapy. It is my feeling that a lot of Amanda's help started with these discussions. I was hopeful and open to help of this kind without really believing that I could even be hypnotised. I was surprised and extremely pleased to find that I awoke from our sessions and realised that I could be hypnotised. I do feel that Amanda has managed to help me. I now treat my tasks as bite sized projects rather than one overwhelming chore. I do still experience the  feeling of despair on occasion especially when faced with a task which feels out of my control. The difference is that I feel as though my mind almost re calibrates itself into bite sized project mode. My thoughts and behaviour become instantly more manageable. The aim, to turn down the volume seems to have been successful and I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda as a therapist. I found her very easy to talk to and would definitely return if I felt the need to top up my sessions. 


"I just wanted to express my gratitude for the hypnotherapy skype sessions we had together. They were a poignant reminder of the sanctuary I hold within myself and of the strength I sometimes forget I have. You have a wonderful way about you and I can still hear your soothing voice in the moments when I feel myself entertaining unhelpful thoughts." F. C., Brighton

Amanda is very helpful, very professional but fills you with a calm feeling from the off... gave me the feeling as if I'd known her all my life. Feel very, very positive about the future..
Many thanks Amanda.

​GA, Scarborough