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Hypnotherapy for Children & Adolescents

hypnotherapy for children

Young people over the age of 5 are generally very receptive to hypnotherapy, particularly for dealing with issues such as trauma, anxiety, fear and phobias. I use a variety of techniques and approaches, tailored to the needs of each child or adolescent, with the emphasis on compassion and raising awareness of our own 'internal toolbox' which equips each and every one of us with the life skills we need.

One-to-One Therapy

After an initial telephone discussion with parents or carers I hold a family consultation, usually in the child's home if this is appropriate. This takes around 45 minutes and enables me to draw up a therapy plan which I present to the parents before they commit to beginning the therapy. I am usually able to suggest some practical ways in which the child can be supported by other family members at this point.

Each therapy session lasts around 1 hour and is reviewed with the parents/carers at the end of each appointment. Again, any relevant practical tips are shared with the family.

Costs of Therapy for Children & Adolescents (One-to-One)

Initial Telephone Consultation: Free
Family Consultation (45 mins) : £30.00
Subsequent Therapy Session (1 hour) : £40

Guided Meditation & Mindfulness for School Groups

Regular sessions of Guided Meditation can help class groups and school staff in many ways - promoting compassion and self-compassion, self-esteem, team-building, improved focus and concentration, reduction in stress, to name but a few positive outcomes.

Ideal group size is around 10 pupils and each session is 20 minutes, meaning a whole class can benefit in just one hour.

Costs of Guided Meditation for School Groups

Initial Consultation with Class Teacher or Head Teacher: Free
Guided Meditation (1 hour) : £40

I have enhanced DBS clearance. In accordance with national guidelines, parents or carers of children under 16 must remain on the premises during therapy sessions.

hypnotherapy for adolescents
hypnotherapy for children